The 5 Types of Carpet Cleaning Methods used by Companies

If you are a home owner, you get to pay good money for your carpet to be cleaned by the professionals. You are spoiled for choices on determining which service and organizations are suitable for your needs. Different companies use a variety of cleaning methods to clean your home’s carpet. While each method has its advantages and disadvantages, it is important to understand which cleaning method will work for you and your carpet.

Here are the top 5 types of carpet cleaning methods used by companies

5. Carpet Shampooing This method was prevalent in the past as it usually removes all the dirt from a carpet. However, it has become unpopular because it leaves behind a lot of foam that may not be able to wash out. Eventually, the carpet takes a longer time to dry while becoming sticky afterward.

4. Hot Water Extraction Cleaning
Usually referred as the steam carpet cleaning, this method uses high pressurized hot water to flutter carpet fiber while dissolving all the dirt present in the carpet. Initially, a cleaning agent is applied to the soiled carpet, after it settles in for a short time and the carpet is agitated using a brush. The carpet is later on washed by use of a specialized equipment specifically designed for washing off the cleaner completely. It is left to air dry.

3. Encapsulation
In this method, synthetic detergents are applied at the base that will later crystallize upon drying. The dirt particles present in the carpet are loosened and encapsulated into powder form. When all the detergent dries up, the carpet is brushed or vacuumed. This technique is popular as it has a shorter drying period. Additionally, it is environmental friendly because less chemical residue is left after cleaning. Although this process is promising, it may not be able to clean heavily soiled carpets efficiently.

2. Bonnet Cleaning
This method is the best for efficient surface cleaning. It involves cleaning the top surface carpet fiber using a highly motorized machine composed with a spinning pad dipped in a cleaning solution for dirt absorption. This method is efficient for hotels as it quickly washes out dirt and dries fast without inconveniencing the guests. As this approach doesn’t clean the deep fibers, the dirt beneath usually resurfaces and within a short period that requires cleaning all over again. This process usually accumulates a lot of chemical residues because the spinning pad pushes the dirt and chemical deep in the carpet.

1. Dry Carpet cleaning
This technique is the latest procedure for cleaning that has gain popularity in the market. It has gain approval among the leading carpet manufacturers due to its high performance and convenience. This procedure is new from the conventional methods involving wetting as it doesn’t require drying time. First, a cleaning compound or powder is applied on the base of the carpet by use of a motorized rotating brush. The machine opens up the carpet fiber and allows all the chemical to settle in. This results in thorough deep cleaning. The compound used is composed of a degradable material that readily absorbs the dissolved dirt. The dirt is later on removed at the final stage of cleaning.

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