The 5 Types of Carpet Cleaning Methods used by Companies

If you are a home owner, you get to pay good money for your carpet to be cleaned by the professionals. You are spoiled for choices on determining which service and organizations are suitable for your needs. Different companies use a variety of cleaning methods to clean your home’s carpet. While each method has its advantages and disadvantages, it is important to understand which cleaning method will work for you and your carpet.

Here are the top 5 types of carpet cleaning methods used by companies

5. Carpet Shampooing This method was prevalent in the past as it usually removes all the dirt from a carpet. However, it has become unpopular because it leaves behind a lot of foam that may not be able to wash out. Eventually, the carpet takes a longer time to dry while becoming sticky afterward.

4. Hot Water Extraction Cleaning
Usually referred as the steam carpet cleaning, this method uses high pressurized hot water to flutter carpet fiber while dissolving all the dirt present in the carpet. Initially, a cleaning agent is applied to the soiled carpet, after it settles in for a short time and the carpet is agitated using a brush. The carpet is later on washed by use of a specialized equipment specifically designed for washing off the cleaner completely. It is left to air dry.

3. Encapsulation
In this method, synthetic detergents are applied at the base that will later crystallize upon drying. The dirt particles present in the carpet are loosened and encapsulated into powder form. When all the detergent dries up, the carpet is brushed or vacuumed. This technique is popular as it has a shorter drying period. Additionally, it is environmental friendly because less chemical residue is left after cleaning. Although this process is promising, it may not be able to clean heavily soiled carpets efficiently.

2. Bonnet Cleaning
This method is the best for efficient surface cleaning. It involves cleaning the top surface carpet fiber using a highly motorized machine composed with a spinning pad dipped in a cleaning solution for dirt absorption. This method is efficient for hotels as it quickly washes out dirt and dries fast without inconveniencing the guests. As this approach doesn’t clean the deep fibers, the dirt beneath usually resurfaces and within a short period that requires cleaning all over again. This process usually accumulates a lot of chemical residues because the spinning pad pushes the dirt and chemical deep in the carpet.

1. Dry Carpet cleaning
This technique is the latest procedure for cleaning that has gain popularity in the market. It has gain approval among the leading carpet manufacturers due to its high performance and convenience. This procedure is new from the conventional methods involving wetting as it doesn’t require drying time. First, a cleaning compound or powder is applied on the base of the carpet by use of a motorized rotating brush. The machine opens up the carpet fiber and allows all the chemical to settle in. This results in thorough deep cleaning. The compound used is composed of a degradable material that readily absorbs the dissolved dirt. The dirt is later on removed at the final stage of cleaning.

Keeping your living room carpet clean.

Living rooms are usually the most high traffic areas of a house for a typical family. It is undeniably a magnet for all sorts of debris; flotsam and jetsam of the streets, especially the carpet that lie within. While many a intellectuals and inventors have spent many hours of brain time developing gadgets, schemes and contraptions akin to those of Wiley E Coyote, the 1860 invention, the carpet sweeper and the proceeding evolutions and revolutions remain champion.

The Plan

There are several facets to cleaning and maintaining your living room carpet. First and foremost:

1. Ensure to vacuum the carpet at least 2-3 times a week.
2. In case of spillage of any substance that creates stains, spot clean immediately. Usually a little bit of water with vinegar or club-soda will do the trick.
3. Do a thorough cleaning periodically. The most popular method is the hot-water extraction method (aka steam cleaning). You can easily get your hands on a do it yourself machine at your local DIY store or equipment rental.

The Vacuum Cleaner

According to professional cleaners an upright vaccum (as shown in the picture) is best when it comes to extracting dirt which has decided become entrenched. Alternatively a big canister design with a beater bar also has it’s advantages. But the key lies in the suction power of the motor. For instance 180-200 AW is great for an upright, 80-100 AW for a cordless and 300+ AW for a canister type . The higher the suction power you get a more effective cleaning, however the big caveat is the power consumption and a higher electricity bill.

Arresting the stains

While the natural tendency is to rub out the stains from existence the key to an effective removal is blotting. While the most commonly used methods is to use vinegar or club soda sparingly, for especially stubborn stains, dishwasher detergents have been found effective against grease and freezing chewing gum is well known method to remove gum.
But most surprisingly ordinary shaving cream in the form of gel does a fantastic job of taking out most common stains.

The Deep Clean

Before embarking on a big cleaning project taking note of the following should allow you to decide on the most appropriate hot water extraction cleaning solution.

1. Knowing the material from which the carpet is made from will help in picking correct cleaning solution.
2. Test out the solution on a small bit of the carpet to ensure that everything works fine with no lasting damage to the material and fibers.
3. Read the instructions on the machine and the detergent carefully to ensure that optimal treatment is given and to avoid hazards.
4. Dry the carpet as quickly as possible after the cleaning get the moisture out as soon as possible. Big fans, or an air condition are useful .

Machines are usually available for rental, with a purchasing option costing between a few hundred to a grand based on quality of the product and capacity.

Keeping things Fresh

A carpet may appear clean but that does not mean it is fresh. Especially when it ages near a kitchen or pets it can attract and retain unpleasant odors. The easiest solution is to sprinkle the carpet with baking soda and vacuum it up after a few hours.

There are also tons of commercial carpet deodorizers available in the market with varying results and prices. If matters get out of hand there is a little-known method of sprinkling it with grated potatoes and letting it stand for a few hours before vacuuming it up.

What is Better – Vacuum Cleaners or Robotic for Carpet Cleaning?

You need to keep your home clean at all times. You love your family and they deserve to live in a clean place. So you have to get a vacuum cleaner right away so you can keep your family happy. But you can also choose a robot for this task. So we will let you know more about the pros and cons of these options.

Cleaning Stairs

Your normal vacuum cleaner can clean stairs and suck any dust from any corner of your couch. They will not get stuck on any chair leg or just caught up in any cable out there. These are things that will happen to robots that are meant to clean a home. But we need to give these robots a chance so they can become better in the future. A robot will sputter around your place sucking up junk from any carpet or floor out there. So you will not have to do anything to get things done right here.

Charging Dock

A robot will find its way to the important charging dock in no time too. If you need to perform a basic cleaning task, a normal vacuum cleaner can do the job pretty well. Getting a multi-room, deeper clean is easy with a robot out there. These machines don’t require a lot of maintenance like a normal vacuum might require from you. They can tackle multiple jobs right away, and you don’t have to lift a finger to do that. You can even schedule your robot to perform a wide array of tasks in no time, and this will allow you to have more fun.

The Right Fit

A robot that cleans rooms can also fit into any bed or furniture out there. These machines will go over the same spots by using different angles, and this will contribute a lot to the cleaning power of the unit. This stupid random wandering is useful and you need to get used to it today. A normal vacuum will take less time to clean a room, but remember that a robot will allow you to enjoy free time. The battery life of a robot can be truly better than that of a normal vacuum cleaner.

Amazing Performance

A robot will get hung up on many objects, but you can live with it. This will rarely happen. So you need to make sure that the robot will not enter into any tricky place out there. A robot tends to be easy to set up, and you will quickly figure out how to do this quickly and easily. If you don’t know how to do this, you can watch a video on YouTube right away so you can get what you need. You will happen to get an unbelievable amount of dust on the bin of this machine too.
Remember also that your robot can give you the free time that you have been seeking for a long time. You will not have to deal with a slow performance when you use a normal vacuum cleaner, but you can use the power of a robot to get what you need.


If you own a small animal and keep it in your home then like it or not, you have pet urine stains somewhere on your carpets. One problem you may have is that your nose has become acclimated to them and this particularly holds true if you smoke cigarettes. However; you can rest well assured that your guests can smell them, but none would ever be rude so rude as to comment. Here are some tips on removing dog urine stains from wool carpet.

Use a Black Light

Pet urine stains can be difficult to find particularly on a darker colored carpet. One of other best methods for finding these hidden stains in your carpet is by using a “black light.” If you don’t know where to find one, just look online because there are several sources for them.

Vacuum First

After you have located the pet urine stains in your carpet, then it is time to begin tactical operations to remove them and also their odor. The first thing that you will want to do is vacuum the area of the stain thoroughly. Then mix a teaspoon of automatic dish washing detergent into a glass of water and stir until it is completely resolved.

Pour it On

Pour this solution around the edges of the stain first and work your way into the stains center until the area is thoroughly soaked. Then use a clean white cotton towel or plain white paper towels to blot up the solution. After you have blotted up all that you can, place the towel or towels over the stain and step on them to draw up the residual moisture.

Use a Fan to Dry the Area

Your next step will be to use a half and half mixture of water and white vinegar to repeat the process. After this is done, cover the area liberally with baking soda and allow to dry overnight. If you live in a humid climate, you may want to use a fan to help with the drying process. It is important to remember that your pet will still be able to smell the urine in the carpet even after you have cleaned it and any places that your pet has previously soiled will be prime targets for future wetting sites.

Use baking Soda

If the spot is still wet then go ahead and mangle it with paper towels to soak up the moisture (I’d recommend wearing gloves). Get lots of baking soda which is cheap, and you probably have in the downstairs cupboard and cover the area that your dog urinated. They hate the smell and so will avoid peeing their next time.

After you have applied the baking soda to the spot by sprinkling it covering the whole area, you can go ahead and get the vacuum cleaner and simply vacuum it out. After you have done this, I think the smell will be gone if you have done it well but you may want to spray some air freshener just in case the smell is lingering a little still.

What To Consider Before Choosing Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning will never becomplete without a vacuum cleaner. This appliance is a must-have at home andeven in the office and other business establishment. At that point you need to clean your dirty carpet the vacuum cleaner with help you a lot. It can actually suck or vacuum pet hair andall sorts of debris, leaving the area clean. The performance of the vacuumbasically depends on its vacuum power. Depending on the vacuum power is thevolume or amount of dirt that it can suck. So generally speaking; the morepowerful the vacuum motor, the better vacuuming ability.

The importance of having vacuumcleaners on your carpet is undeniable. It makes cleaning much faster and easierthus it is really a necessity especially if you have carpets. Carpetsaccumulate a significant volume of dust, pet hair, small bugs, etc. andfrequent washing is not a good option. Inability to vacuum your carpets willresult to your house being a haven of filth. You don’t want that to happenright? So, a wise option is to acquire a vacuum. This device is a greatinvention as it allows people to maintain as many carpets as they want withoutworrying about dirt removal.

When you shop for a vacuum cleaner, it is important to know what you need. Little things matter. For instance, one thing that many consumers don’t consider is the length of the cord, and then end up constantly unplugging and plugging it into to move from one spot to another. Aside from something as simple as this there are a few bigger issues that you should consider before you begin to shop for it.

The myriad of vacuum cleaner modelsavailable in the market today makes it hard for shoppers to decide which one isthe best. Before even plunging into the actual purchase, the best move to do isto read product reviews online. You can start scouting for potential vacuumchoices by browsing the internet. You will be surprised at the overwhelmingresources available for vacuum appliance. You can even compare prices, featuresand specifications. With all these information that you can acquire online, itwill be very easy now for you to decide which specific vacuum model to choose.

So how can you tell which vacuum isright for you? This question is greatly dependent on your needs. Differentconsumers have different needs. What you think will work for you will sometimesnot be perfect for others. Therefore, picking vacuum cleaners is highlydependent on your vacuuming needs. Most manufacturers offer different lineupsof these appliances and each vary in features, quality rating, and pricing. Inorder to settle for the best cleaning device, think about the qualities youwant for a vacuum cleaner and then search through the selection. Once you havespotted the one that offers the same qualities you are looking for, it’s timeto purchase it.

It is important to consider theabove mentioned pointers in order to buy the one that perfectly answers yourneeds and guarantees your satisfaction. While it is true that some vacuums area bit costly, but think of it as an investment rather an expense. You can neverset aside the useful benefits of vacuum cleaners thus be careful when shoppingfor one. Never settle for cheap low quality ones as this will definitely justwaste your money and time.